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Butterflies of North East India

The habitat of forest in eastern Assam made up of tropical evergreen, semi-evergreen, Assam valley wet evergreen forest, moist deciduous forests andbopen grassland with cane and bamboo brakes and tsrips of open grassland which is suitable habitat for butterflies. Butterflies are one of the most diverse organism previaled in various climatic zone / habitat

Butterflies, unlike several other creatures, cannot sting or bite to fight back predatory attack. Therefore, to escape from predators, butterflies have evolved various protective adaptations, right from the egg to the adult stage. Unlike warm-blooded animals butterflies do not have a constant body temperature. Their body temperature depends on the surrounding ambient temperature. A lower temperature slows down their physiological process. Butterflies need to regulate their temperature and therefore they may bask in the sunlight to increase their temperatureto withdraw underneath a leaf to lower their temperature.

North-east India region is ultimate Mecca for a butterfly enthusiast. More than 50 percent of total 1501 species are known to occur in this region. In Nameri National Park so far species that has been recorded are Papilionidae ( 14species), Nymphalidae (62 species), Peridae (17 species), Lycaenidae (19 species) and Hesperiidae (12species).

Butterflies of Nameri National Park